Why each Party is different from a Photographer’s perspective 

I’ve been working as a professional party photographer for close to a decade now and must agree the variants keep increasing. Nowadays you can just say I am hosting a Party! You will be soon showered  with tonnes of questions that will follow. Most common questions could be, what kind of party is it? What’s the reason for the party? Does your party have a theme? Is there a dress code for the party? What’s the occasion?

And you answers, they might vary based on aspects!  Earlier, it might just end with two questions, 1.why and 2. Where.  There are so many variants of parties today and most of them have a reason and well, some don’t need any!The most common of them are birthday parties, engagement parties, cocktail parties, wedding parties, graduation parties, corporate parties, themed parties, costume parties, office parties, tea party, casual party etc. From a photographer’s point of view, each and every party is very different from the other. For example, the crowd and their response at a 21st birthday party would be totally different from that of a cocktail party. This impacts the photographer to the extent that he / she should carefully choose the gear to carry based on the requirement.

As an example, at a cocktail party or corporate party, guests would be more formal and less people would pose or volunteer for normal or group photos – means, you need zoom lenses and preferably no flashes. On the flip side, at a birthday party, people love the attention and you’ll have lot of group photo requests – means, a good wide angle lens and some great flash and a fast lens.That’s it, understand the nature of the party you are hired to photograph and go prepared. It’s the worst feeling to have your guests with high expectations posing for photos and you know the results aren’t that great. Good luck and happy party snapping!

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