Tips to capture better photographs indoors

Shooting indoors? If you can take care of some very basic aspects shooting indoors, you can make a huge difference from shooting otherwise. Check out some of the below tips that I have found immensely useful while shooting indoors (be it real estate, events, parties or what not).

Wide is the way to go

Using a wide angle lens is a great approach shooting indoors. This not only gives the photograph a better perspective of indoor subjects and immediately paints the ambience. Wide angle lenses are great ways to include the most of what you are shooting but remember not to go too wide unless you are shooting real estate or architecture. Also, not just shooting wide, but also composing the short appropriately is very important. Compose your shots well, use the “rule of the thirds” to compose your shots to look natural and candid.

interior photography composition

Avoid using any artificial source of light and go natural

natural light use is the bestNature’s lighting system is often the best available source of light for photographers. All you need to know is to put this natural light to best use. Use the right reflectors, diffusers, filters etc. to control and manipulate this light to the best result. Photos captured using natural light sources is often the best!

Diffuse the natural light using curtains or even light cloth diffusers to get that right amount of light for your photograph.


Compose from the light level & Stay in focus

Compose each shot from half way lower than your eye level (close to the waist). This will not only give it a better perspective but also have a balanced angle. Also, ensure to use a lower aperture like value to ensure you don’t have too much of a depth and allow to keep most of the subjects in the frame in focus too! Overall, indoor shots work beautifully well by understanding the condition you are shooting in.

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