Tips for Organizing Year End Office Party

The year end office party is among the most significant events on business calendars. Some people look forward to the event because it offers a perfect opportunity to directly interact with the boss, talk to pretty girls from the accounting department and just socialize with colleagues. Others fear the thought of interacting with weird HR guys who never get tired of sending out warning letters. All employees are expected to attend the important annual occasion. With good foresight and proper planning, the events can be exciting, hassle-free and memorable. The following are valuable tips that can make the important occasion pleasant and unforgettable

The right kind of planning well ahead
You should start making plans as early as you can. In some organizations, preparations start six months before the big day. However, two months can give you adequate time to get things ready.
Prepare a budget. You’ll need to brainstorm ideas, and preparing a budget can be a good starting point. Find ideas that can fit in the budget, given that costs tend to rise with the evolution of plans. It’s better to overestimate costs and then spend less, rather than underestimate costs and spend more.

Deciding a Theme
It’s important for the year end office party to have character and a proper structure. Therefore, you must choose a good theme. The theme must not only be simple, but also appropriate. It should suit the organization’s character and the character of employees as well. Get ideas from reputable blogs. If finding inspiration is difficult, focus the theme on positive things that occurred over the year.
Some people would want to turn up in suits, especially if they occupy senior positions. Others would want to dress down. Therefore, allow everyone to dress as they wish.

Choosing the right Venue
Ideally, the year end office party should be held away from the workplace to give everyone change of scenery. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a fortune should be spent on reserving a venue. The occasion doesn’t need to be hosted in a five-star hotel. With creativity, you can find an affordable and great venue. Get ideas from blogs and other reputable websites.

Activities to make the experience memorable 
To make the event unforgettable, choose activities that all employees can participate in. Like other organizations, the employees in your company without doubt have different personalities.
The party cannot be complete without food and drinks. Employees don’t expect to go back to their respective homes without having something to eat and drink. Find out what they expect to eat and drink by handing out questionnaires.
Without photography, important events are incomplete. For that reason, remember to hire a photography expert who can capture significant moments with perfection.

Additionally, you’ll need to make arrangements for entertainment, games or other forms of exciting activities. Members of the organizing committee will undoubtedly be divided on this. Some will consider the options enjoyable and valuable, while others will find them dishonorable and embarrassing. It’s therefore important to gauge the general mood and then plan accordingly.

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