Tips for organizing a kids party at home

planning the kids party

Preparing for a kids party at home can be a nerve wracking experience. There are a number of details which have to be worked out. Here are a few tips to help you out with this.

Deciding the type of party & party theme

The first thing you need to decide is the type of party you want to have. Is there a theme you have in mind? Is there something your child really likes? If you’re having a party which involves the use of the outside, make sure you have a backup too just in case it rains. Consider your budget too. There’s no point in overdoing some aspects of the party and then being left with no money to spend later on. The duration is another thing for you to look into. Don’t make it too long. Three hours is more than enough.

  • Arts & Crafts Party: You can get simple crafting supplies and kits. Let the kids reveal their artistic side.
  • Cooking Party: This could be something as simple as decorating some cupcakes or as elaborate as creating a special menu for dinner.
  • Live Animal Party: Speak with a nature center in your neighbourhood to bring some of the animals to your home. Make sure to check for any potential safety problems and for references in advance though.
  • Tea Party: This is a very popular choice among young partygoers.
  • Detective Party: School age boys will have a lot of fun searching for clues and solving mysteries together. More so if there is a treat involved at the end.
  • Dress Up Party: Either have everyone dress up according to a theme or get some dress up clothes for everyone. Don’t forget to take tons of pictures as souvenirs.

Organising all the entertainment & activities

It’s best to have the entertainment lined up as soon as possible. Try and meet them before the birthday too. Don’t forget to check references too. Remember, you will get the best deals from Monday to Thursday. So if you can schedule the party on one of these days, there’s nothing like it. Plan for a lot of short games. This will be much more fun than playing a single long game. Kids will enjoy the variety as well.

Charting Invitations & Sending them

It’s always good to send fully detailed invitations in detail to everyone. Make sure you include your contact details so they can RSVP. And if there’s a theme you need them to follow, mention it clearly.

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