Best Photography Locations & Spots in Perth

Perth is a wondrous city that has plenty to offer to photographers who may want to capture a variety of splendours in their full glory. However, most of these fantastic destinations are known to the average photographer. This list will give you information about five places that haven’t yet become mainstream so that you can dive into this opportunity and get amazing clicks before everyone else does.

best photography places


John Oldham Park

Perth is the home to some of the most beautiful parks in all of Australia. Among the lesser known ones, the John Oldham Park is probably the best for photography for many reasons. At first glance, this park might seem little but don’t let the first impression fool you into believing so. It is located off Mounts Bay Road and is ideal for people who want to relax amidst nature without going out of the city. This destination boasts of fantastic natural vistas and a broad range of photoshoot sceneries that are just perfect for specific themes. Be it for a wedding or simply a casual outing with friends, John Oldham Park has everything.

King’s Park

This famous park welcomes the visitors through a mesmerising collection of different trees, plants, flowers, and other refreshing greenery. The breathtaking panoramic view you get of the entire Perth city is simply out of the world! Even though this destination is a favourite among wedding photographers, you may need to be a bit lucky to find a calm day just to relax and take different photos. There are quite a few varying types and native trees that lend even more life to the scenery. If you have an unending love for nature parks and photography, there’s no way you should give King’s Park a miss.

Watermans Beach

Skip Peasholm this time and head over straight to Watermans Beach for a raw and unadulterated beach shoot. Contrary to the sandy beach of Peasholm, this location off West Coast Drive in Marmion has huge rocks that lend a feeling of grunge to the entire atmosphere. Be it for modelling photography or simply landscape, the rocks here would give you different avenues to get creative behind the lens and capture some of the most splendid shots you have ever taken so far. A word of caution: the rocks in this beach are really sharp so exercise caution when moving around them.

Trigg Beach

For capturing breathtaking sunrises and marvellous sunsets, Trigg Beach is the destination to go in Perth. On a lucky day, you might even find yourself alone or entirely at ease with few joggers going through their morning routine. Located at around 16 km north of Perth city, this beach has a fishing jetty, mooring station for boats, and a jogger lookout point, which you can visit to capture different sceneries and changing moods. Even though the crowd may get densely populated as the day progresses. This beach is at least worth a visit once if you want to capture the sunrise painting the sky yellow.

Fred Jacoby Park

You can’t talk about photography spots in Perth and miss out on mentioning parks altogether. The Fred Jacoby Park is located near the Perth Hills, off Mundaring Weir Road, and comprises of a little stretch of picturesque landscape that very few know about. You can visit here just casually and return home with some gorgeous pictures full of memories within a short span of time. There isn’t much to see here except the greenery, but you can use your imagination to its full extent to take some captivating shots without having to go to a far-off land. Fred Jacoby Park should be on your list of must visit places if you value serenity beyond everything else. These info has been shared to us by a professional party and event photographer in Perth.

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