Best Photography Locations & Spots in Adelaide

Contrary to the popular opinion, Adelaide is not the boring part of Australia in comparison to its eastern counterparts. The city plays a host to many renowned festivals and prides itself on the colonial architecture that never seems to leave your sight. If you want to brush up on your photography skills or take shots for your portfolio that are no less than remarkable, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out the following five photography locations in Adelaide.

Central Markets

Known as the heart of Adelaide, a trip to the city would be incomplete without stopping by the Central Markets. For photography enthusiasts, this location offers a diverse variety of sights and scenes that are unlikely to be found anywhere else. Having over 80 stalls in the area and a crowd bustling with energy, this place is booming with opportunities for you to take captivating shots. The Central Markets is truly a feast for the senses and a photographer’s heaven if they want to capture the energy and passion of the people of Adelaide and a day in their lives.

Torrens River

This is an unorthodox photographic destination as it is a popular jogging place for many Adelaideans. The part of the river flowing adjacent to the north terrace is home to many wild ducks, swans, and pelicans that are perfect for capturing on frame when the sun is going down. Here, you’ll also find few types of native vegetation as well as people having a quiet picnic together with the family. But, the thing that will truly take your breath away is the ever-expanding skyline, which is clearly visible from almost the entirety of this location. Don’t be afraid to take a detour to encounter photography opportunities that you may never have thought existed.

best photography locations

Victoria Square

This is one place in all of Adelaide that provides exemplary views in every direction. Take a look at the North and you’ll see the historic town Hall and Adelaide Post Office, both of which are a photographer’s favourite. If you’re lucky enough, you may even get to capture a tram passing by with all its old world charm of this beautiful Orthodox city. The place comes alive even more during nighttime and offers many ideal opportunities for night photography to both professional and amateur photographers. Capture the lights of the buildings, the densely populated open grounds, and the colourful fountains that all come together to make Victoria Square a must visit photography destination.

Mount Lofty Summit

Take a slight detour from Adelaide to reach Mount Lofty Summit that offers many natural wonders to entice your senses and induce a spark of imagination. The Summit offers panoramic views that reach from the ruling Adelaide Hills all the way across the plains and ends with the picturesque shorelines. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to venture beyond the obvious, then take the 3.5 km hike that will reward you with remarkable opportunities for nature photography. On the hike, you’ll get to witness different sorts of native wildlife in their natural habitat and click many pictures to take home from the journey.

Morphett Street Bridge Art

This is a hidden gem safely tucked away from the regular foot traffic. The underside of Morphett Street Bridge acts as a canvas for emerging contemporary street artists and invites onlookers to spend some lovely time appreciating their craft. If you want to capture the imagination of Adelaide’s emerging artists and their colours in full bloom, head over to this unusual location for some splendid photography opportunities. You will be mesmerised by the sheer number of artists sharing their talent for free and get a glimpse into the alternative atmosphere of the West End. Enough of beaches and parks, art photography, is serious business now.

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