Photographing while sharing space with a Videographer

Not always you can enjoy the freedom of being the lone creative professional at work. This kinda situation can be relevant  in bigger events like a wedding when you might have to share the space with a videographer.

In such scenarios, its key to understand that both the videographer and you (the photographer) share the same working space and both aim to achieve great results! To start off, make sure you have a quick chat with two key people – the videographer and the event MC. Based on the discussion have a plan and decide areas of operation. It is also important that you discuss with the videographer during the event on how you are planning to get best results without getting in each other’s way.

Videographer’s advantage – most videographers operate with two cameras or Atleast two vantage points to be able to capture different angles. This allows them to shift clips when the photographer is busy at one corner. So make sure you knw which is his primary camera and move accordingly so that you are not in both the frames. 

Photographer’s advantage: the photographer has the advantage of swapping lenses and capturing long or wide shots without getting in the way. Make sure you have the right equipment and find the absolute best corners before the key moments.

In short, it is important to work together as a team respecting each other’s space and getting to know each other’s working style and space will certainly be an advantage! Remember, after all you have to make the very same client happy.

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