Minimum Gear for Professional Party & Event Photography

Welcome and glad you are reading this because of your interest and passion to be a professional event or party photographer! Today we will take a look at the bare minimum photography equipment and gear to cover an event or party as the official photographer! Before we start off, I would like to mention, your house party or friends birthday might not need these gear and equipment as its more of a casual engagement.  I have assumed that we are only referring to a professional event or party photography here (the work you ideally get paid for). So, lets have a look at the minimum gear you need to ensure you deliver some quality results.

  • A Professional / Semi-Pro DSLR Camera Body
  • Lens to capture wider / group shots
  • A low light performance lens to easily capture at low light
  • A good flash to bounce off light and take good photos
  • A hip camera bag or a waist line lens bag to carry, switch gear on the go
  • Back up memory cards and other backup stuff like battery pack, charger, if at all possible another camera.

minimum gear for pro party photography

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