Best Melbourne Locations for Photography

Melbourne is an amazing city in Australia with many different incredible photograph locations that will satisfy any photographer. From many unique and interesting landscapes to colorful laneways, Melbourne will certainly make a simple photo look more dazzling. This explains why many photographers visit this city and walk away with unique and amazing photos. This article outlines 7 best places for photography in Melbourne.

best melbourne locations for photography

Princess Pier at Port Melbourne

This is a 580m high historic pier located at Port Philip and it about 20 minutes drive from the city center. It is an awesome photograph location especially during sunset and no matter how many times you visit, you will always get a different flavor of this beautiful location. This area is peaceful and calm and you will never find it congested with people except the regular fishermen.

Graffiti Laneway at Hosier Lane

Located at the heart of the city, the graffiti lane is another great place for photography in Melbourne. It has several connecting lane ways peppered with incredible spray paintings which are crafted by the local artists. Most of the paintings are of social political theme and it is certainly something not to miss out when you visit Melbourne. You will find interesting graffiti paintings from Lord Ganesha to Mother Mary.

Melbourne Beaches – St Kilda & Brighton Beach

These are the two famous Melbourne beaches. Brighton beach is long and narrow and it is lined with beautiful and unique huts. They are certainly one of the best iconic landscape that Melbourne has to offer and offers a hot spot for photography.

St Kilda also makes a stunning location for photography and is a favorite photograph spot to many people. It offers different angles and compositions to be captured producing unique photos every time. The penguins that live here provide a stunning view as well.

Flinders Street Train Station

This is an iconic building that should come to the mind of any photographer intending to visit Melbourne. It is one of the famous landmarks in the city that is beautifully lit up in the night with spotlights. A photo taken at night in front of the building makes a perfect wallpaper for your phone.

Eureka Skydeck 88 View

Landscape photographers love to get in a high place and photograph a cityscape especially at night. Eureka Skydeck 88 allows you to do just that and capture stunning photos of Melbourne from high above.

Webb Bridge near Docklands

This is an architectural marvel and beauty close to the city and a walkable distance from the southern cross station. It is a stunning location for photography especially in the night when you can capture the long shots of the beautifully lit bridge and the nearby buildings. No matter how many time you visit this bridge, each time you will get a masterpiece.

Docklands & the Docks

This is a favorite photography spot to many photographers in Melbourne. This the place to visit if you love landscape long exposure golden photography. It has a stunning view and you will get breathtaking photos that you will treasure for a lifetime.

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