The Journey from hobby to Pro Photography

Are you a photography enthusiast or a budding hobby photographer enjoying the occasional photo walks and family events, trust me, it’s just the start of an amazing journey.  Here are some tips that paved the path for my professional photography journey and could help you as well.

Get the basics & techniques right from the start

It’s important to learn the right bits before you have to unlearn the wrong soon. Start off with a basic camera allowing you to control the camera settings manually and play with light to get the results right. Learn from your mistakes, experiment and continue experimenting. Make use of the awesome tutorials and walkthroughs from some great online resources.

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Start by investing in your gear wisely

Not really a good idea to buy all the gear without a direction. I would recommend starting with a basic, low-cost lens (like a 50mm f1.8 worth $100 or so) and then walk up its way. It is important to just invest in the gear that you need and choose it in a way that you could still use the even if you were to upgrade your camera body to a higher model.

Volunteering is a great way to begin

Before you start charging your clients, it’s always good to do a couple of volunteer assignments. This way, you will be under lesser pressure compared to a paid gig. Further, start off on a low-budge gig and as and when your shooting cost and gear increases, you can slide up the price per hour.

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