Awesome Flash Photography for night parties & events

It can be often tricky when you are shooting an event or party at night or low light conditions. In such low light conditions, there are two options that you can consider – wide aperture lowlight lens or  a professional horse shoe mount flash. I would totally recommend using a quality flash as it helps you better control the light than a low light performance lens as that reduces your capability to work on high shutter speed.  Below are some flash photography tips.

low light flash photography tips

Bouncing the flash light on your subject

A great technique that works almost on all occasions. Works really well if the surfaces your are bouncing the light off to softly light your subject is white in colour. This has been working really well for me even much better than using a diffuser on top of your flash head. You can play around with this technique by adjusting the flashed in different directions to control the amount of reflected light your subject will receive. The intensity, mood and feel of the photo captured with a bounced flash is much superior compared to a direct or diffused flash.

Gear + Flash Combination for “Dynamic” nature of parties & events

It is very important to take those kind of gear that compliments the dynamic nature of usual parties and events. Why? Basically because, most of these events are fast paced and have quickly changing nature, people dancing, partying, large groups, small groups, portraits, etc etc. So it is important to have an all round or wider lens to cater to both small and wide shots. In such lenses, to be in a budget it is very hard to have a low aperture value lens, this makes a good flash very handy. Wide, fast lens + decent camera body + a great flash is a good combination to work in most cases.

I would recommend to set up the wide or semi wide lens on your camera, the flash pointed upwards with a slight bend towards the subject and to start of with a couple of test shots and you will be amazed to see the beautifully lit images you get. Capture few test shots to start with to understand the lighting you are dealing with.

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