Ultimate Event Photography Checklist

Event photography is serious business, and it demands exceptional skill and quick thinking on the photographer’s part to get everything right. Be it a wedding, a live concert, an inaugural event, or simply a birthday party, precious moments do not repeat themselves, and the responsibility of capturing them on frame falls on your shoulders alone.

As a working photographer, the camera bag and its contents are probably the center of your universe. But are you carrying all the essential items that you require on the field? If you think there is room for improvement in your photography, then check out this list of items that you must have in your bag to take your skills to the next level.

ultimate event photographers checklist before shoot

Ultimate Event Photographers Checklist for the perfect photo shoot

1. Tripods: The ever so essential tripod takes the number one spot in this ultimate event photographer’s checklist because it is something you cannot do without. A sturdy tripod can come real handy when you are shooting in low light or have to compose formal group shots. For example: family portraits. It also helps to have a portable tabletop tripod, which you can use to take steady shots on a horizontal surface having a small area. Tripods are also ideal for taking blur-free images that might be present in its absence due to operator movement.

2. Flash meters: Under normal circumstances where ambient lighting is sufficient, the meter on your camera should be good enough. However, flash metering has an entirely different use if you are trying to use flash to fill subjects that are backlit or place more emphasis on your subject by darkening the background. The best feature of a flash meter is that you can buy the least expensive variant in the market, and it would still be able to develop ambient and flash exposures down to 1/10 stop in accuracy. The exposures can be incident or reflective, and the device tethered or wireless.

3. Wireless remote triggers: If you are experienced with event photography, then you probably know how inconvenient the cables strewn about the floor can be. In crowded environments, a cable may cause a guest to trip and fall thus leading to embarrassment for everyone. Wireless remotes can come in great use at this time as they help to trigger the fill and main flashes of your cameras. Many wireless remotes come with multiple frequency channels that can prove to be invaluable when working with other photographers in proximity. By coordinating channel sections, every photographer can do their job without unintentionally interfering with the others.

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4. Batteries: When it comes to digital photography, batteries are what that keeps the show going on. The last thing you’d want to experience is running out of battery while you are on duty at an event. This is why you must have a complete set of backup batteries for every item in your camera bag. Even though most cameras run on a dedicated lithium ion rechargeable batteries, and accessories such as transceivers and flash guns still rely on AA, AAA, 9V, C, D battery types. Have at least one spare set for every device that runs on batteries.

5. Filters: While every post-process photo editing software might have features to adjust color correction, there are some filters that you must use in person to get photos exactly the way you desire. Some of these essential filters are UV reduction filters, polarizing filters, neutral density filters, and diffusion filters. All of these filters have their own unique usage and can be utilized in various types of events, both indoor and outdoor.

Other things to check before leaving for the event

Now that you have your camera bag packed with all the essential accessories, it’s time to do a final check before leaving for the event. Be sure you have researched extensively about what the event is going to be and individual preferences of the client. Have the contact details of the customer handy because you never know when you might need to reach out to them to ask for more information such as event location and how to reach there.

It also helps to have a laptop in your arsenal so that you can store images on the spot, do a bit of test editing, or do other things that would help you to make the photography session a grand success.

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