Corporate Event Photography Tips

For a long time, corporate photography meant bland photos of shaking hands while awkwardly smiling at the camera in business attire or employees huddled together by the office cubicle. If you chose a more creative method, modern photographers can reap the benefits. If you can grasp the basic principles and refine your technique accordingly, corporate portraiture can be a steady source of income. Here are some of the skills that will set you apart from the rest:

corporate event

1. Knowing your client and fulfilling their potential: As a photographer, you need to create some sort of rapport with your client; Listen to them clearly first and then plan your action; this way you have a clear sense of understanding. A client knows their business; and also where the portrait is fit to be used, and they know the image they want to project.

So ask them what they want and listen to their answers. You might take the most artistic shot in the world, but if the CEO wants a power image, you’re not doing your job. Discuss in advance the kind of shots they’re looking for.

2. Getting the proper portrait: Schedule the photoshoot in the morning so that all the faces are fresh. Capturing the face is an important part of any portrait. You would have come across the three-quarter view of the person from chest high with a solid backdrop – this is the most uncreative portrait ever. You can still possible to incorporate the traditional poses with a more modern twist even though some people from certain fields of work like law firms would want a traditional approach.

You don’t always have to go with a head and shoulder shot. You can experiment with close ups if the people are willing to.

3. Team Photos: One of the most common aspects of corporate photography is the group shot. Another creative aspect of a company is to use nontraditional locations for the group shot. As I said earlier, there is always that unnatural shot of all the employees huddled together by the cubicle or at the conference table. Please refrain from this. How about a shot of the team at the company retreat as this show the company is not all about work. This way you can achieve some great candid shots.

4. The lighting: A make or break aspect of any corporate photo shoot is the lighting. Glass walls, reflective surfaces, and white backgrounds can be a pain during a shoot. Even though you can get a more pleasing result with ambient lighting, it needs more experience. For a natural light setting, pick a spot that offers plenty of light without being exposed to direct light of the sun

5. Avoid cliches: And lastly as alluded to earlier, there are lots of clichés in stock photography.  Best results will come based on your creativity as well as your willingness to take the off beaten track.




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