6 Tips to Choose the Perfect Party Venue

Hosting a successful party is heavily dependent on getting the right venue. The process of selecting a venue can be a demanding task since there are many important aspects to consider. Cost is critical, especially the rental cost. It’s important to ensure that the selected venue offers value for money. Here are important guidelines of how to choose a venue for your next party.

Planning, venue capacity and the budget

It is vital to plan for the event requirements and have a checklist. One should have an idea of the estimated number of attendees to the party. This number must include the staff who will serve the guests. The venue size must be optimized in relation to the guest numbers to avoid having an over-sized or under-sized venue. Invariably, the bigger the size of the venue, the more expensive it will be. It is advisable to monitor the number of people who have confirmed their attendance. This allows adjustments to be made accordingly; for instance looking for a larger room or smaller room.

When planning for the event, the venue may have to be booked well in advance. One should always check if there are alternative dates in case the preferred date is not available. It is always better to get a venue that has some room for flexibility when it comes to booking.

It is easy to overshoot the budget set aside for the party. One may be tempted to get an expensive venue to impress the party guests. Venue rental prices are driven by demand and those places with lengthy waiting lists are more expensive. The demand is also influenced by the time of the year, with spring and fall being the busiest (and most expensive) times. This is especially because organizations hold events during those times. It is therefore advisable to avoid scheduling the party in the busy months where the venues are costly and less available.

Food and drink

Where the venue is a restaurant, organizing for food and drink is easy. This is not easy for other types of venue, where the catering must come from outside. However there are some venues which offer their own catering. It is important to look for a venue which has a kitchen to store the food. The food will therefore be kept at the correct temperature prior to serving. In addition, one should check if the venue is equipped with a bar, and whether alcohol is allowed.

Venue location, transportation and parking

If the party attendees are local, the venue needs to be in the nearby locality. But if they are coming from far off areas or from overseas, the venue chosen should preferably be accessible to hotels and airports. In such a case it is also useful to have the venue near local attractions which the non-local party attendees can visit during their stay.

If the party is to be held in a city, there must be an efficient public transport and taxi services. It is also advantageous if the distance from the subway is not very far. Sufficient parking is critical issue because of those attendees who will drive to the party. Other important aspects are to find out if there parking fees, if they can be waived and if the venue offers handicap parking. If the parking is not enough, the venue management should advise if there is a nearby parking garage. The management can also provide permits for VIP guests who may be driving.

Equipment and amenities

One should choose a venue that comes with its own equipment such as chairs, tables or audio-visual appliances. This avoids the possibility of having to carry them or rent them from other providers, which increases the total costs of the party. Other aspects to look out for include availability of generators or even Wi-Fi access. A good venue should also offer other amenities such as a banquet hall, smoking zones and a bar area.


The ambience of the venue selected must rhyme with the tone and theme of the party. For instance a formal black tie party may call for a sophisticated venue with a dance hall, dining room and a luxurious outdoor garden. On the other hand, a dance hall with colorful strobe lights may be suitable for a less formal party.

Availability of venue staff

A good venue should have its own staff at hand during the party. Examples include janitors for hygiene maintenance and security personnel to deal with any safety issues. The venue management should also provide phone numbers in case of any complaints and concerns.

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